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  • Do you know the little knowledge of these tempered films?


    When it comes to tempered film, everyone must be familiar with it. As an effective screen protector accessory, it's all too common to put a tempered film on your phone. Today, I will share my experience in choosing tempered film and film.As a heavy mobile phone player, I basically change the tempere Read More

  • What is tempered glass?


    Tempered glass is safety glass. Glass has fairly good wear properties and is very hard, with a Vickers hardness of 622 to 701. Tempered glass is actually a kind of prestressed glass. In order to improve the strength of the glass, chemical or physical methods are usually used to form compressive stre Read More

  • Does the phone need to stick a tempered film? How big is the role of tempered film?


    The mobile phone is an indispensable tool in everyone's life. Many people put a tempered film on the phone when buying a mobile phone. The purpose of this is to protect the screen of the mobile phone. Does the current mobile phone need to be covered with a tempered film? Let's take a look with the e Read More

  • What material is the mobile phone tempered film made of? What material are they?


    First, we first introduce the composition of the mobile phone tempered film:1. Components of flat toughened film: glass + AB glue + OCA2. The components of curved tempered film: glass + double-sided adhesive + OCAOCA can be removed from the use layer component of the mobile phone tempered film.What Read More

  • Which is better, mobile phone tempered film or hydraulic film?


    Now, the price of our mobile phones is much higher than before. One of the increase in the cost of mobile phones is the screen in the mobile phone. In addition to the better display quality of mobile phones, there are also more expensive mobile phone screens. Repair costs, repairing the mobile phone Read More

  • Why do we like to use screen protectors?


    I remember reading an article in the media before, which read: "We have a special complex with mobile phones, that is, we like to use screen protectors. This is a bit strange to us, because we can’t have a good experience. And appreciate the original feel and appearance of the phone.” I read this ar Read More

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