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  • What is the 2.5D Edge


    What is the 2.5D Edge:2.5D is the name by industry . Currently is different from 3D in terms of. In short, 2.5D glass has a flat area in the center of the glass, and the surrounding area is over-curved, that is, edges are radiused on a flat glass. The so-called 3D screen, it refers to the kind of su Read More

  • Cell phone really need Screen Protector?


    Cell phone really need Screen Protector?The main purpose of the screen protector is anti-scratch, the most intuitive assessment of whether the scratch marks the indicator is Mohs hardness, in theory, only the Mohs hardness of the screen than the high cell phone screen can cause scratches. Mohs hardn Read More

  • What is the best portable power bank


    Well choice of power bank depends mostly on its capacity, cost and its form factor.Power bank uses two types of batteries. One is lithium ion and other is lithium polymer. Lithium ion batteries are uses 18650 cells. The number means 18 mm is diameter of cell and 65 mm is its length without protectio Read More

  • You deserve better - Tempered Glass


    If you plan to keep your phone screen as scratch- and scuff-free as the day you bought it, you're going to want a screen protector. And if you want a screen protector, you should consider a tempered-glass screen protector: They're more durable than your typical plastic cover and often provide more a Read More

  • The reason choose the tempered glass?


    Tempered glass screen protectors were once a great way to defend your smartphones or tablets from harsh environment.Tempered glass screen protectors are designed to be stronger and more heat resistant than normal glass. Tempered glass protectors are made by heating the glass and cooling it quickly a Read More

  • Is it safe to use phone while charging with portable power bank?


    Is it safe to use phone while charging with portable power bank? It might be okay but I would ask you not to do it. Why? It is possible to charge your phone that way, especially if you do not have enough adapters. But i would not recommend it for the following reasons: 1. The power bank heats up, Read More

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