Why do we like to use screen protectors?

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I remember reading an article in the media before, which read: "We have a special complex with mobile phones, that is, we like to use screen protectors. This is a bit strange to us, because we can’t have a good experience. And appreciate the original feel and appearance of the phone.” I read this article at the time, and then looked at the phone in my hand, lost in thought...


The cheapest cell phone costs more than two thousand, and the more expensive three or four thousand, it takes more than a month to buy. After all, not everyone can achieve an annual income of more than 100,000 yuan, but it is considered "average". From a cultural point of view, we have always had the habit of taking care of valuables and the "traditional virtues" that are more cherished, prudent, and not wasted.

In addition to the two background factors of income and culture, we also like to use screen protectors for mobile phones. It is really inseparable from the efforts of accessory manufacturers. Various physical stores and online stores have opened one after another, all touting their screensavers the clearest. You are very poor and cautious when you just bought a new phone. You are afraid of losing money if you break it.


Of course, there will be a few people who actually use the screen protector to experience a better feel. For example, after using high-quality tempered film, the sliding screen feels better than unused. The fingerprint will disappear after wiping. Therefore, there are two main types of people who like to use mobile phone screen protectors: 1. Ordinary working-class people with low incomes use screen protectors purely to protect their mobile phones; 2. With relatively high incomes, they have a habit of gentle cleaning of digital products. In addition to experiencing a different feel, the screen protector is used to prevent any blemishes in the phone.

So I would like to recommend WEADDU brand screen protector, 9H hardness, hydrophobic oil coating, can help you better protect the phone, not afraid of damage, the focus is high cost performance, good quality, is a trusted brand.


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