Why do mobile phones need a screen protector? The benefits go far beyond the shatter-resistant screen

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Although the smart phone is small in size, it is a collection of various technologies, so it is expensive. Even mid-range equipment costs hundreds of dollars. Therefore, for such expensive and indispensable equipment, of course, it should be protected as much as possible.

1. Buy a screen protector, because the screen is not only the most important operation interface but also the display interface, the cost of the entire device is not low. Once damaged, it will cause you heavy losses. For example, Google’s Pixel3XL, if 300 yuan is exchanged for a screen, the price of a mobile phone is only 900 yuan.


Of course, this is the official maintenance channel. You can also choose informal maintenance channels. Of course the price will be lower, but this will invalidate the entire warranty and the quality of the replacement screen cannot be guaranteed. Or you can choose to endure the broken screen and continue using it, provided that the touch layer of the screen is not damaged. In addition, if the screen breaks further during subsequent use, even a single crack will damage the LCD screen and the motherboard, and dust and moisture will penetrate into the device, so the maintenance cost of the device will be higher.

Saving money is not the only reason to buy a screen protector. The screen protector also helps prevent scratches or other scratches on the screen. When you want to sell old equipment, this may keep your old equipment in value. , Some operating businesses have warranty clauses. If the screen protector is not used, the warranty terms are invalid.


Even if you decide to repair your phone, it is best to go to the official repair channel, because you need to know that some private repair centers do not conduct background checks on employees. When you hand your mobile phone to a stranger behind the counter, it is difficult for you to guarantee whether the replacement part is equipped with original accessories, and you cannot know whether your personal information has been leaked.

WEADDU mobile phone screen protective film, good quality, 9H hardness, full QC testing, after using WEADDU screen protective film, you can better protect your mobile phone, WEADDU screen protective film is wear-resistant and anti-drop, it is a good helper for mobile phones.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to install the screen protector, and you don't have to worry about the impact of the screen or other functions.


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