Which one to choose between toughened membrane and hydraulic membrane, you will know after reading these

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If your phone does not use a screen protector, do you feel safe? Obviously, the use of screen protection film is safer, at least it can play a protective role. Many people don't know which one of the two is better, and what is the difference. Today we will make a comparison together and take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the two membranes.

Tempered film is a piece of high hardness glass with good wear resistance. Compared with ordinary film, it is much thicker. It is like a transparent thin ice in your hand. At present, most people have a tempered film on their mobile phones, which can be divided into full-screen and half-screen at the time of purchase. The toughened film has the ability to withstand the drop of the screen after being impacted by a mobile phone drop.


If the tempered film has hardness, the hydraulic film is just the opposite. It is thin and soft, a bit like soft plastic. The material of the hydraulic film is a layer of TPU or PET, which is malleable and stretchable, and can automatically repair scratches. Because it is soft and bendable, it is more natural for curved curved screens without white edges. If a mobile phone with a hydrogel film is accidentally dropped, the film will not break like a tempered film, because the material is different after all. Advantages of hydraulic membrane: relatively thin, close to the edge. Disadvantages: The protective effect of the screen is not as good as the tempered film, it is easy to scratch, and the film is more difficult than the tempered film.

The two films are different in material and hardness. If you have to choose which one is better, I personally feel that you still have to choose according to your needs. Through the comparison of the two films, I believe everyone can clearly know the advantages and disadvantages of each, and can also be used as a reference when purchasing.


WEADDU's toughened film has a hardness of 9H, which can better protect your phone. The screen is scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant. The film can be drained at one time without worrying about bubbles and other issues. Is a trusted brand.


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