Which materials is better for Phone case

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Materials : 

There are five types materials for phone case on the market : metal, plastic, plexiglass,wood, leather. Of course, there are other protective materials, such as cloth, but the mainstream mobile phone case is the front of several.

Metal Materials: 

Metallic phone case to aluminum, magnesium alloy, the common style of metal back shell, metal frame, there are some metal protective cover is designed by way of the patch, such as the protective shell substrate is PC plastic. Apply a piece of metal on the base of the PC case to improve the rigidity and texture of the case. Metal phone case is mainly to increase the texture of the phone.


Actually, PMMA is "plexiglass", that is, we often say "acrylic", its scientific name is "polymethyl methacrylate". This material is most solid than others. Many manufacturers will use this materials to make phone case . And the final products is very strong ,wear resistance is not bad .

Plastic material: 

Plastic shell refers to the PC (polycarbonate), ABS, PP (sharp bending will bend the kind of white) and TPU, silicone and other materials. One of the first two are hard plastic shell, PP material slightly soft, but a certain hardness, TPU and silicone materials is soft .

PC, PP, ABS protective shell are generally ultra-thin, protective is not good .

Compared to other materials ,TPU and silicone are definitely mildest, softest and safest. 

Silicone and TPU cell phone case not only can fully protect the phone, but also in the phone drop when the phone drop, corner to the ground, you can better withstand the impact of shock, to avoid breaking. However, silicone material shell is very easy to turn deformation, yellowing.

Double material :

In order to improve the resistance of PC and TPU sets of hardness. Now, lots of manufacturers will use dual-material for phone case . Uses super-tough shell TPU, soft texture in the collision, extrusion pressure to absorb the outside , to minimize the damage to the fuselage. Shell part of phone case made of PC materials , with excellent electrical insulation properties and mechanical properties,play a protective shell shape and the role of solid outer protection. Dual-material dual chassis, combined with the slightest touch without compromise, resulting in excellent double protection.

Now, you know which material is better for you.


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