Which is better, mobile phone tempered film or hydraulic film?

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Now, the price of our mobile phones is much higher than before. One of the increase in the cost of mobile phones is the screen in the mobile phone. In addition to the better display quality of mobile phones, there are also more expensive mobile phone screens. Repair costs, repairing the mobile phone screen can directly allow you to buy ordinary mobile phones. In general, the mobile phone experience has gone up, but the maintenance cost of the phone has also gone up. So after buying a mobile phone, we often protect our mobile phone. Protecting the body of a mobile phone case is a common operation, and it is normal to stick a film on the mobile phone. There are many mobile phone stickers on the market now. The most common are tempered membranes and the recently popular hydrogel membranes. So which is better?


1. Tempered film

The material of the tempered film is tempered glass. Many users who want to protect the screen of their mobile phones will put a tempered film on their phones. The price of the tempered film is relatively low, generally around five yuan. The price is not very high, and the quality is very high, so many consumers are also willing to stick tempered film on their mobile phones. However, tempered film does not have all the advantages, it still has disadvantages. One is because the thickness of the tempered film is relatively high, so the touch is not so perfect, so when you feel that the reaction is not so sensitive when you click on the screen, it is usually because the phone has a tempered film.


2. hydraulic membrane

This material is different from the above and cell phone film materials. It uses thinner TPU silicone, so it is much better than tempered film in terms of flexibility and thickness, and its ductility is relatively strong, just right. It can solve the above shortcomings of the tempered film, will not easily cause the phone to warp, and will not make the phone feel insensitive. In addition to this advantage, there is another advantage, that is, the effect of preventing screen scratches is very powerful. Although there are many advantages, there are also many disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is the relatively high price. Generally, the price of hydrogel film is more than 20 yuan. If the mobile phone screen is a special curved screen, the price will be higher. Compared with tempered film, this does not have any advantages. The second disadvantage is that it is relatively light and thin, so it is not easy to paste, and it is easy to have bubbles or paste. Of course, if it is operated by a professional, this problem can still be avoided, but if it is operated by the user, it will appear in the basic situation. This situation. The third disadvantage is that it does not feel very good. After applying this film, there is a sense of frustration on the fingers. In short, it is not particularly slippery. But after a long time, I get used to it. This is the disadvantage of hydraulic membranes.

Summary: In fact, these two membranes still have certain advantages and disadvantages. It depends on whether users can accept these shortcomings. When I use my mobile phone, I use WEADDU brand tempered film. It is of good quality and has a hardness of 9H. It feels smooth and doesn't feel like a film and won't warp edges. In this way, there is no need to worry about paying a large part of the mobile phone screen repair cost after the mobile phone screen is broken.


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