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Compared to traditional wired speakers, Bluetooth speakers have the advantages of wireless , portability,without plug-in, no need to toss the front end, etc., and are more flexible to use and can be adapted to more occasion . At the same time, limited by the Bluetooth audio transmission and speaker volume, Bluetooth speakers have great limitations in sound quality. An excellent Bluetooth speaker allows the product to have better sound quality through the use of high-quality speakers, sound interior design, and high-quality tuning while maintaining a compact size.


Bluetooth Speaker-A18 

There are lots of peculiarly shaped and functional Bluetooth Speaker in the market that cost less than RMB 100. There are some brand that have a certain reputation . And now I prefer to introduce one excellent Bluetooth speaker for you -A18. It’s very beauty design when I saw it ,I think it is normal quality like other mini Bluetooth speaker. However, it is not normal for that sound quality . A18 ‘s voice greatly exceeded my expectations .No matter how delicate string music or refined, slightly modified vocals, I had never heard of it before in any of these Bluetooth speakers. This feeling even made me have the illusion of listening to the 2.0 box. Compared to the other mini Bluetooth Speaker ,it’s so amazing and the sound quality is excellent .


In addition to excellent sound quality, the A18’s battery life is also good. It can be played continuously for 5-6 hours, even in the 2-4 hours of even good Bluetooth speakers, this is a very exaggerated figure. We did not verify this data accurately. The intuitive feeling is that the life of A18 is very long.


At present ,A18 is more worthwhile Bluetooth Speaker. You can try it. 


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