What should I pay attention to when buying Chinese masks?

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What should I pay attention to when buying masks in China?

With the global outbreak of new coronavirus (COVID-19), many international traders want to buy masks in China. What should be paid attention to during the purchase process?

1. First we need to know what type of mask we need

The current masks are divided into civilian masks, medical masks, medical surgical masks, civilian KN95, medical KN95, N95 masks,

If we only use it occasionally, it is generally recommended to use civilian KN95, because its filter level is similar to N95 (the difference between KN95 and N95 can be clicked here)

2. Need to know whether the country has any restrictions on the import of masks,

For example, the import of India's temperature guns requires BIS certification. If there is no certification, it will be returned by Indian customs. For example, some European countries need products that must contain CE certification, etc. For detailed information, you need to consult your own customs.

3. After finding a Chinese seller, you need to confirm whether the other party's mask can be exported.

On April 3, China promulgated a regulation that sellers must have 1. (company business license) 2. (company medical device license) 3. (export qualification) before they can be used for export to other countries. When we buy, we need to confirm with the seller whether these certificates are available.

4. Of course, there is a particularly important point, you need to confirm with the destination DHL or UPS or FedEx, etc. Confirm whether it can be delivered normally.



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