What material is the mobile phone tempered film made of? What material are they?

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First, we first introduce the composition of the mobile phone tempered film:

1. Components of flat toughened film: glass + AB glue + OCA

2. The components of curved tempered film: glass + double-sided adhesive + OCA

OCA can be removed from the use layer component of the mobile phone tempered film.


What material are they used for? Let's talk about the material of the mobile phone tempered film:


Except for the brand, the materials of the mobile phone tempered film we buy every day include soda lime glass, medium aluminum glass, and high aluminum glass. Soda-lime glass is generally used in the low-end market, which is relatively fragile. The mid-end market uses more aluminum glass, and a small part uses soda lime glass. The aluminum glass can be bent to 90° after tempering. The high-end market uses more high-alumina glass, which has better flexibility and can be bent to 180°, which is what we usually call half-folding.


AB glue is not as complicated as glass. The specific ingredients are not elaborated. There are three types of AB glue we usually use: Toyo AB glue, Korean AB glue, and domestic AB glue. Generally, Korean AB glue is used more, followed by domestic AB glue in the low-end market. Due to the high cost of Toyo AB glue, general mobile phone tempered film manufacturers rarely use this glue.

The second is the double-sided tape used for curved tempered film. At present, 3M double-sided tape is mostly used. Of course, some small curved surfaces will still use AB glue.


The tempered film of the WEADDU brand is of good quality, 9H hardness, factory direct sales, and cost-effective. It is a good choice.


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