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Power bank,Also name rechargeable batteries and so on. A set of power supply and charging functions in one of the portable charger,Can charge mobile phones, tablets and other digital devices anywhere and anytime charging. Generally by the lithium batteries (or batteries, less common) as a storage unit, easy to use.


As the power bank appear. It can ease the problem of insufficient power consumption of intelligent terminals, mobile power portable, removable features have brought great convenience to us.

Now the power bank is belong to portable product, on the basis of ensuring product capacity, how to reduce the size of the product, make the product more compact, easy to carry is one of the trends in power bank technology appearance of innovation! Secondly, how to apply the advanced industrial design concept and even the humanistic concept to the design of the power bank to make the power bank feel more comfortable and stylish, and it is also the trend of technological innovation of the power bank .


1. Security is the first to guarantee: When choosing mobile power products, be sure to choose the regular brand of products, so that quality and after-sales have guaranteed.

2. The main role of power bank is to charge mobile phones and other digital products, technical level analysis is the discharge current and voltage curve index data, the more smooth the discharge curve in theory the more a straight line, it shows that when charging mobile phones and other products The better the protection, the longer the life of the battery. The discharge curve is usually very easy to beat mobile phone damage, so the brand of mobile phones are recommended to use its own brand of charger.

3. The appearance of power bank.

4. Power bank Po related certification: Certification of electronic products, a power bank has the relevant certification, indicating that this power bank products meet the relevant standards.

5. Power bank practicality: The power bank products have so many the capacity from thousands to tens of thousands of mah , how do we choose what you want for yourself? This need to know how many capacity we are request, if we only occasionally use the power bank, then for the 10,000-mA power bank, you do not have to consider, because power bank the capacity is large, its price will be high, and we actually use Not all of its power, which resulted in a waste, it is highly recommended that we choose according to their own needs power bank treasure.

6. Additional features: select the power bank, That is required to increase its battery life for our mobile phones and other digital products.

(1) The output voltage range of power bank, although some devices have USB port, but also require you to use power bank. However, you should pay attention to the input voltage range of your device. The universal power bank voltage output range is 5.0 ± 0.5v. If your device requires that the input voltage range is not within the range of your mobile power, it is not advisable to use mobile power to power your device to ensure the life of your mobile power.

(2) USB connector must match, because a variety of USB data cable corresponding to the device is different. So, In order to power your device normally using a power bank source, use a matching USB data connector.

(3) The placement of mobile power environment, all kinds of electrical appliances need to be placed in a dry, less humid air environment, and the humidity environment for the preservation of various types of electrical appliances are unfavorable, so, for your use of mobile power Life, please try to put the power bank in a dry environment.

(4) regular use of your power bank, monthly charge and discharge power bank once, often used. It will be able to maximize the life of power bank.

(5) Anti-drop and shock. Power bank is actually a fragile parts, internal components can not afford to beat. In particular, to prevent accidentally landed during use. Do not throw, beat or shake the power. Rough handling of mobile power can destroy the internal circuit board.



(6) Anti-cold and heat. Do not place the power bank over temperature. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic components, destroy power bank sources, and deform or melt some plastic components. Do not store power bank in places that are too cold. When the power bank is working in an over-cooled environment, when the internal temperature rises, moisture will form inside the power bank to destroy the circuit board.

(7) Preventive chemicals. Do not use strong chemicals, cleaning agents or strong detergent to clean the power bank. Removal of power bank appearance of stains can be cotton stained with a small amount of anhydrous alcohol scrub.


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