What is the 2.5D Edge

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What is the 2.5D Edge:

2.5D is the name by industry . Currently is different from 3D in terms of. In short, 2.5D glass has a flat area in the center of the glass, and the surrounding area is over-curved, that is, edges are radiused on a flat glass. The so-called 3D screen, it refers to the kind of surface that has radians, there is no flat screen. In addition, there are some devices claiming to use 2.25D screen, the "2.25D" is actually the same with 2.5D, but there is a difference between the name.

Material: SCHOTT, AGC, Corning, mid-range domestic and low-end domestic, from the quality, SCHOTT> AGC> Corning> mid-level domestic production (such as Glass)> low-end domestic. At present, AGC glass material are most popular of tempered glass tempered glass. The point is the thickness of the glass whether there is 2.5D craft for purchase. The thickness of tempered glass that is the reason for touch of phone screen when you affixed the glass to the phone screen. 2.5D technology will make the edge fit more closely, the edge will not hurts your hands.

HIGH 2.5D Edge glass film 


Advantage :

The main function of 2.5D screen is to enhance the visual effect of the screen and the overall body, while enhancing the feel. Covering a 2.5-D curved glass on the surface of the phone screen, the cell phone surface looks like a surplus of water droplets, more visual tension. This is the visual expression of mobile phone screen plus a lot of points. In actual , one-hand holding and thumbs to slide the screen appears a high chance of operation, and when the user uses this posture, the thumb is not a smooth slide but an arc, so 2.5D screen The arc shape more ergonomic. The arc around the corner to eliminate the edge of stiff edges, greatly enhance the feel of the sliding screen.

What is the different between Plastic film

Anti-scratch : Scratch-proof explosion-proof, tempered glass can prevent the phone accidentally hit the glass panel caused by the broken splash, greatly reducing the danger to people, but it also has better scratch resistance, easily leave no scratches, and Ordinary plastic film over a period of time there will be a large number of scratches appear, greatly affected the appearance of the phone

High hardness: the general surface hardness of plastic film does not exceed 3H, while the glass has a hardness of 6H, treated tempered glass higher,up to 8H or 9H.

High transparency : tempered glass transmittance reached 98% or more, the basic does not affect the phone video effects, and some high-end tempered glass film also features anti-Blu-ray, can effectively reduce the phone screen to the eye damage.

Easy to paste: tempered glass film compared to the biggest advantage of ordinary plastic film is easy to paste, it is very easy to paste, just three steps you can get, and there will be no bubbles, beautiful, strong, ordinary people can own Paste, just align the edge and the opening of the place, one on the line, there is no need to foil film brother's help.


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