The reason choose the tempered glass?

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Tempered glass screen protectors were once a great way to defend your smartphones or tablets from harsh environment.Tempered glass screen protectors are designed to be stronger and more heat resistant than normal glass. Tempered glass protectors are made by heating the glass and cooling it quickly afterwards. Such controlled thermal treatments puts the glass' outer surface compression while the insides are undergoing tension. An oleophobic coating is then applied to the glass' front panel to provide fingerprint smudge resistance and adhesives (depending on the manufacturer), which are applied to the back panel, to secure its position to your phone's screen.

Surface Hardness: 9H
3x Stronger than regular PET film with unprecedented scratch protection. You can rest assure that sharp objects such as knives and keys will not be able to scratch the surface of your iPhone.

9H Tempered glass 

9h Anti-explosion Tempered Screen 


Unique Oleophobic Coating
Techniquer tempered corning glass screen protector has a unique oleophobic coating that repels natural skin oil such as fingerprints and other contaminants. The oleophobic coating also makes cleaning a breeze using the microfiber cloth provided.

Anti Fingerprint Tempered Glass 


Anti-Shatter Tempered Corning Glass
If smashed, the tempered glass screen protector glass cracks into small pieces that are held within the film making it safer than other glass products in the market.

Easy Application
Applying Glass is as simple as aligning it, pressing it, and watching it magically do the rest. That’s right,it’s that simple and accurate!Bubble free application so you don’t stress out.


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