Talking about the development trend of mobile phone 3D glass, six factors affect the direct rate

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Excellent 3D glass performance is the best choice for industrialization


Samsung full screen tempered film

1.3D glass + flexible OLED screen is the perfect fit. With the wide application of flexible OLED screens, flexible 3D glass has become the preferred 3D glass cover with OLED screen, and the image clarity is higher.
2.3D glass superior performance, compared with other materials have more advantages. At present, there are plastics, ceramics, glass, metals, etc. Plastic shell is limited to low-end mobile phones, has basically been eliminated. Xiaomi note uses a ceramic back cover, but the output is difficult to increase, while the price is higher, the scale of production and yield is the biggest bottleneck of the ceramic cover. The use of 3D curved glass as the outer shell of the mobile phone, the appearance of the material is more superior, in terms of heat dissipation, gloss and wear more advantages. At the same time, the curved design and the curvature of the palm of your hand, more in line with ergonomic requirements.
3.5G technology is gradually formed, and 3D glass avoids signal shielding on the mobile phone. Traditional metal shells have the drawback of shielding the mobile phone signal. With the arrival of the 5G era, the wireless frequency band will become more and more complicated, and the signal requirements will be higher and higher. Phone antenna is generally installed in the back of the phone, so in the signal protection, requiring the phone to avoid using the metal back shell, while the glass has become the best choice.
4.3D glass allows mobile phone wireless charging possible. Wireless charging technology is mainly divided into four technical implementations: magnetic induction, magnetic resonance, electric field coupling and microwave wireless transmission technology, of which inductive coupling is the current mainstream technology. Metal field shielding and absorption, if the phone uses metal back shell, wireless charging efficiency is extremely low, the user experience very poor, and electromagnetic waves can penetrate the glass without hindrance.


phone glass graphite mold

The hot bending process is: nitrogen protection during work, and prevent air from entering. The furnace temperature is controlled at 700-750°C. The time of the product in the furnace is determined according to the station of the bending machine. It usually takes 20-40 minutes. Because the glass is not crystalline material, there is no fixed melting point, it is a glassy inorganic compounds, the process of increasing temperature gradually softened, usually softening point of about 600 ℃. The softening point is the temperature at which the glass products that we commonly see in the day just start to soften.
Carved good shape and hole glass placed in the graphite mold, then the mold into the bending machine, after preheating, pressure type, cooling, molding glass into a curved glass in the mold. The size of the curved glass depends on the graphite mold design. The appearance after molding depends on the molding process and graphite mold design. The performance of the hot bending machine has a crucial influence on the molding. The main point is that the temperature of the furnace during the molding process of the glass is uniform, and the glass can be evenly heated to avoid the stress embrittlement. 16-22 furnace temperature points are set inside the furnace to monitor the temperature uniformity in the furnace.
The reason for the rapid growth in demand for 3D glass covers is that Samsung provides AMOLED screens to domestic domestic VIVO, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Jinli, Meizu and other domestic first-tier manufacturers. AMOLED screens will become the differentiated choice for domestic mobile phone manufacturers to seize the high-end market. Apple uses a flexible AMOLED screen, which will stimulate the demand for 3D glass cover.


The trend outlook:
The future direction of 3D glass consists of two aspects:
1. As a glass cover, including flexible electronic paper package, wearable devices such as smart watches on the application and with flexible OLED display supporting the application on the smart phone;
2. As the appearance of innovation, and to meet the 5G communications, wireless charging requirements, as a backplane. Among them, the 3D curved glass + flexible OLED display solution applied to smart phones will become the main market of 3D glass.
From a price point of view, the future market is larger. To 3D mobile phone glass cover, for example, the current price of more than 70 yuan per piece, 2.5D each piece is about 20-30 yuan, 3D glass is currently the market price is about 2.5D 3 times. The yield of 2.5D glass is high. Taking Triumph Technology as an example, the yield rate can reach 95% according to the announcement. The low yield of 3D glass is also a reason for the higher price. According to the estimation made by the small and medium-sized market capitalization team of CSCEC, assuming that penetration rates of 3D glass mobile phone back cover in 2017, 2018 and 2019 are respectively 15%, 30% and 50%, the unit price is respectively 65, 55 and 45 yuan / The market space for 2017-2019 will be 161.51,286.99405 trillion yuan respectively, with room for future growth and the development of 3D mobile phone glass industry. In addition to applications on smartphones, there will also be significant market for wearable devices such as head mounted VR devices, vehicle center controls and portable dashboards and smart bracelets in the future


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