Should I get a screen protector for my iPhone?

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From my experience I've had two screen protector on an iPhone 4 - a cheap one that went to the trash even before it was fully applied, and a good one from a brand I can't recall and don't want to publicise, but you'll know just by looking at the variety of accessories and the quality of them.  

That one survived for several months. As it was a good one, there were no bubbles or marks that would show it was there - it was really invisible to the eye - except in a certain sun angle, where rainbow patterns would be visible. 

The touch feeling was not the same, as the fingers can easily distinguish between glass and plastic, but it never felt like the touch was less sensitive. 

Then I switched to a 5, and asked myself why?

I had in the family two iPhone 2G, a 3GS, two 4, a 5, and now a 5S (or two, with a borrowed one). And an iPad 2. 

The scratches on them were more a question of luck than facts:

The iPad felt from the furniture, 2 meters high, righ with the screen down. Zero scratches. 

The iPhone 2G were being used by the kid, and felt and were thrown away dozens of times. Of course eventually the screen broke, but it's still fully functional. 

The 3GS and my 4 felt dozens of times - not a good idea to carry the kid with one hand and use the phone with the other. Result: zero scratches, dozens of marks on the aluminium. In both cases I have one scratch on the glass, each on a single time I mixed the phone with keys. Never do that. 

The 5's are also unprotected. Beach, sand, sea water splashes, everything has happened to them. Again, a lot of marks on the aluminium (specially the 5, with the black painted aluminium). 

Covers and cases, no thanks. If Murphy says they'll be scratched or break on the floor, they will, with or without protection. 

My wife dropped her 4 twice. Twice broken. Fortunately, always the back cover. And the way they felt, and the kind of ground, no plastic or rubber cover would protect it.

One day I grabbed the old 4 and peeled the cover out. It felt like a new device.


Ipads or Iphone are very high strain device as it has got high definition screen and it is configured on high brightness screen technology . Remember STEVE JOBS never gave ipads to his own children because it is very harmful to eyes. ipads or iphones are seen in short distance . Ipads or iphones are very harmful if used by children and senior citizens as their are vulnerable. . It causes dry eyes (low lubrication on eyes) you will be dependent on artficial eye drops if affected by dry eyes.

Try Stiller Blue lens quality screen protector as it is Zero strain blue glass. Think logically buy something first that is good for your eyes and then good for your phone or ipads .We spend so much time looking at smartphone or ipad screens have you ever thought about your eyes. Now stillerglass are made in Zero strain which is of  lens quality glass for optical use and tested in labs . It is shatterproof so it is good for your phone or ipad .

I personally use and I feel good product value for money and my future as health wise. It is expensive but as it is a zero strain glass which is good for eyes i don't mind spending a little more see their website . We spend lot of time on smartphones looking at the screens which can cause complications on eyes so precaution is smart move. Many young people in Chennai are using eye drops because of eye problem causing from smartphones and ipads. 


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