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The new technology products will certainly bring many conveniences to daily life. For example, more and more wireless technology applications will allow us to get rid of the "line" system without restrictions. So what kinds of new gadgets will be popularized in recent years? Presumably "wireless charging" is definitely the first choice. Why? Just because the new iPhone supports wireless charging, what reason can people doubt?


Currently , there are many mobile power sources that support wireless charging. In addition to ordinary USB power supply methods, wireless charging can be performed on mobile phones. It is also very convenient.

HIGH QI Wireless charger 


This mobile power supply does not turn on and off, but it can be used as a wireless charger to wireless charge the phone. When the power switch is turned on, it can supply the battery power of the battery to the phone.

Some cell phone, the phone itself does not support wireless charging, so you need to add a wireless charging coil, which is the receiver. The working principle of the receiver is very simple, that is, after receiving the electromagnetic signal, through cell phone  charging port to complete the charge, omitting the cable tie.When charging, you just put the phone on the charging treasure. And it does not affect the use of the phone, you can play while filling.Usually, if you put it on your desk, you will have time to charge it, and you won't need to plug in and out of the data line. It’s very convenience in our daily life .


This product gave me the biggest feeling is slim, simple, practical, first of all in the design is not only beautiful and very thin, unlike some mobile power is heavy and ugly also can not get it, followed by the product itself is very practical, small The editor is not a heavy user of the mobile phone, so it basically allows me to look for the charger for about 3 days without charging. This alone is very tempting, and the last point is that the normal line charging and wireless charging can be performed. The perfect integration, its product ideas worthy of praise, and the use of fragmented time for wireless charging, is not a very Fashion thing.


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