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K101 Smart Electric Scalp Massager With Vibration Function

1. Imported motor, ultra-quiet
2. With sonic vibration, the speed can be adjusted in 2 gears
3. Simulated human technique, comfortable massage, shallow mouth arc, not afraid of entangled hair
Imported material silicone claw, removable for cleaning
4.7 grade waterproof, you can enjoy it when you wash your hair and bath
10 minutes smart timing, 1200mAH battery, 3 weeks long standby
5. Inductive charging, convenient and fast, LCD display, high-end and intuitive
6. One machine with multiple functions, suitable for head, neck, shoulders, waist, back, legs, hands, and whole body
  • K101
Product Name
K101 Smart Electric Scalp Massager With Vibration Function
Product + manual + USB charging cable
Western Union & T/T payment & Paypal
50% Deposit to confirm the order, balance be prepaid before delivery.
OEM/ODM Service
Customized logo,customized gift box,manuals are available with 500pcs order.
Time of arranging delivery
 1-3 working days for conventional samples and stocks.
18-25 working days for OEM/ODM orders.

Product color: white

Product material: ABS+silicone

Product size: 130*110*150mm

Product net weight: 430g (with base), 345g (without base)

Single product packing list: product + manual + USB charging cable

Packing size: 145*125*155mm

Weight with packaging items: 570g

Packaging style: gift box packaging

Packing number: 24PCS

Net weight/Gross weight: 13.7/14.7KG

Carton size: 51*44*33cm

Box in a gift box

16-k101-智能头部按摩(震动款)详情页_0116-k101-智能头部按摩(震动款)详情页_0216-k101-智能头部按摩(震动款)详情页_0316-k101-智能头部按摩(震动款)详情页_0416-k101-智能头部按摩(震动款)详情页_0516-k101-智能头部按摩(震动款)详情页_0616-k101-智能头部按摩(震动款)详情页_0716-k101-智能头部按摩(震动款)详情页_0816-k101-智能头部按摩(震动款)详情页_0916-k101-智能头部按摩(震动款)详情页_1016-k101-智能头部按摩(震动款)详情页_1116-k101-智能头部按摩(震动款)详情页_1216-k101-智能头部按摩(震动款)详情页_1316-k101-智能头部按摩(震动款)详情页_14smart scalp massager 2

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