Is it safe to use phone while charging with portable power bank?

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Is it safe to use phone while charging with portable power bank?

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It might be okay but I would ask you not to do it.




It is possible to charge your phone that way, especially if you do not have enough adapters. But i would not recommend it for the following reasons:


1. The power bank heats up, what shortens the lifetime of your powerbank. Also, every power bank only has a given amount of charges, which means a given amount of power that can pass through it before it breaks. Thus, when you charge your phone through the power bank, more electricity flows through it until it is fully charged --> this brings the bank closer to its 'breakdown point'.


2. The power bank takes longer to be fully charged, since you already pull a part of what you put into the bank, out again when charging your phone.


3.With some power banks, your phone charges slower than through a direct connection to the power plug.


Modern phones might consume a good amount of current or power(whichever you prefer), around 1.5A(7-10W) or even more(including losses, both inside the phone and inside the power bank) where the input to the power bank might be about 1A(5W) or so. That means the power bank is getting less than what it is putting out and eventually you will end up with a flat battery(the one that is in the power bank) so better not to use it like this. This is very easy. Imagine you have a small portable water tank. You fill this with water from a tap of 10mm diameter. Now, image the water tank itself has 20mm tap.

Now if you want to really make use of water tank, you would close the tap, fill the water tank - right? Now what happens if you open the water tank tap and start filling it? the water just runs out of the water tank and no water is filled in the tank - you are not filling the water tank at all.

Use the same analogy for Powerbanks. Forget all the electronic circuits which may or may not prevent charging or discharging capacities. You will have your answer.

Things to consider:

If your discharging current is much less than charging current, then the only issue would be that the battery will get charged slowly - very slowly.

If your discharging current is higher than charging current, then the battery may not charge at all (if the circuitry is smart) or the high current will flow through the battery, heating up the battery and in some case, may explode the battery as well (especially if you buy cheap battery packs with no current limiting circuit inside them)


Here is a scenario not mentioned by others:

If your discharging current is higher and the battery has bypass for discharge outlets - then typically there would be no issue. Check with the battery manufacturer on this before trying it out. (This is similar to having two taps, one to fill the tank and the other to feed the output in the analogy I mentioned above). Here the main issue is the charger! If your charger is only rated for charging the battery or even less than that, then charger will get heated and may or may not charge either the battery or the device connected to the battery.


Note: Charging current: The rated current in mA for charging the battery. This will be specified by the battery manufacturer. Typically the charger should provide this current.

Discharge current: This the rated capacity of the battery.  The device you are charging must have much lower capacity than this.


.But if you know that your power bank is charging at a very high power and your phone is consuming much less then you are fine with that.


For example take a look at this particular power bank.


HIGH Power Bank 10400mAh


It has an input of 10.2W(max) and output of 10.5W so if your phone consumes that much you will end up flattening the power bank's storage cells. If you have a power bank of similar specification and a phone that has similar power drawing capability I will strongly advise not to do it, despite many people here is saying it is okay.


Another thing to remember is heat, designer of these power banks has a very limited space to work with as they have to make it as small as possible. So often time they cram a lot of circuitry in small area, which means the heat that it will generate will be significantly high when it is both charging itself and providing power to it’s output rail, which definitely is not a good thing.


To keep things simple, do not use it while the bank is charging itself.


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