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  • Which is better, N95 face mask or KN95 mask ?


    What is the difference between N95 and KN95? Knowing these details can save you half the money Read More

  • How to judge whether you have a common cold or a new coronavirus(COVID-19)?


    How to judge whether you have a common cold or a new coronavirus(COVID-19)?
    Prevention of new coronavirus (COVID-19) Just wearing a mask is not enough. Read More

  • What should I pay attention to when buying Chinese masks?


    What should I pay attention to when buying masks in China?With the global outbreak of new coronaviruses, many international traders want to buy masks in China. What should be paid attention to during the purchase process?1. First we need to know what type of mask we needThe current masks are divided Read More

  • Give our cell phone best cover


    Now, the most inseparable of us is the mobile phone. If we left the mobile phone out on the day, we will feel uncomfortable all day. It’s so important to us in daily life . There is no doubt that they deserve better glass for screen. This is the most vulnerable and most protected place for mobile p Read More

  • Bluetooth Speaker VS Smart Speaker


    Following intelligent development of this shareholder's style, smart speakers are also standing in the air in addition to smart phones, smart TVs and other products that are active in our lives. Maybe a lot of people still stay on the concept of a speaker on an external device. Actually, under the t Read More

  • Which Bluetooth Speaker you should buy


    Compared to traditional wired speakers, Bluetooth speakers have the advantages of wireless , portability,without plug-in, no need to toss the front end, etc., and are more flexible to use and can be adapted to more occasion . At the same time, limited by the Bluetooth audio transmission and speaker Read More

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