How to use power bank?

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Do not long time charge

Control the charging time will better when you use the power bank

It will reduce the explosion  


Avoid exposure

Avoid long time put in the sun or rain. Should put on dry and mild environment. If you encounter liquids, Electronic components and lines are easily corroded! High temperatures will shorten the life of electronic devices, damage batteries, and age certain plastics.Avoid using in cold outdoor or low temperature. Most of lithium battery operating temperature is 0-55 degrees Celsius. Low temperature will make the battery unstable and discharge insufficient The general lithium-ion battery operating temperature is 0 ~ 35 °C, Normally use mobile power for emergency charging. Try to avoid using under high or low temperature. Under temperature will lead to insufficient discharge. Excessive temperature will shorten battery life.

In the summer, consumers should pay attention to the placement of mobile power in cars., North winter heater mouth should be away from all places with heat sources 

If the mobile power source looks dirty Can be wiped with a dry cloth, Do not use chemicals, soap or detergents for cleaning.


When something goes wrong, it should be thrown away

Pay more attention to the appearance of power bank , If something goes wrong, do not use it again.. Replace it immediately.

Buy a safe power bank 

Buy standard products
The price is very important, do not buy some cheaper products that have large capacity.

Do not overuse power bank 

Avoid strong extrusion

Do not treat it harshly. Be careful not to press hard, throw it, shake it. so that it does not short circuit during charging.Do not drop, beat or shake the mobile power bank.Because the user does not intend to beat the process, causing the mobile power to produce violent shaking, Displacement of the internal structure of the lithium battery,  Even more serious is the spontaneous combustion of lithium batteries, and even explosions, This is more common in some poorly branded mobile power sources that the circuit controls do.


Avoid frequent use
Do not use too frequent charging treasures. Too often, you will shorten the lifespan of the charging treasure and increase the risk of danger.

Safety power bank 

Do not store or carry flammable liquids, gases or explosives near the mobile power supply. Otherwise, it is very easy explosion.


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