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Compared with traditional speakers, Bluetooth speakers have the advantage of being portable and without cables, and they are also more flexible to use. However, many young people don’t  know how to choose bluetooth speaker. Next i will tell you few tips to buy Bluetooth speakers.

With the improvement of living standards, people are more concerned about the experience of using products. From web browsing website to purchases, people will priority select the websites or products that allow them to experience more. Bluetooth speakers are one of them.  As we all know, traditional speakers due to the limitations of the cable and the volume, it is very inconvenient to use, and compared to traditional speakers, Bluetooth speakers are portable and compact, so it is more popular.
Nowadays Many brand bluetooth speakers on the market. It is not easy for consumers to choose a cost-effective Bluetooth product from many products; and many consumers are easily to be attracted by speakers appearance, but  the functionality and sound quality are important ; like as a car,only a stylish appearance is not enough, and it needs good performance and a comfortable driving experience.

Today we will talk about Bluetooth speakers and teach you how to choose a Bluetooth speaker.
1 Bluetooth speaker value is not worth buying?
For this question,  first, we need talk when we can use the bluetooth speakers in our life.

1.1 Get Rid of Wired Bondage
This is the biggest advantage of Bluetooth speakers!
Today's Bluetooth version has spread to 4.0, its advantage is to have lower power consumption and more stable signal transmission, Bluetooth transmission distance is at least 15 meters. Therefore, you can easily get rid of the shackles of the connection, whether in the indoor or outdoor environment, so that your listening is free. Here we also want to remind everyone that we must pay attention to its Bluetooth version when choosing a Bluetooth speaker. Below version 4.0, it is not necessary to consider, because the lower version may not guarantee good battery life and signal transmission.

1.2 Improve Phone/Tablet Sound Quality
People spend a lot of time using mobile phones every day, especially when they are at home. However, the sound quality of mobile phones is poor, and they also consume electricity. Bluetooth speakers can solve these two problems very well. Because it is a wireless connection, its placement is very casual, free from space limitations, but also make the sound quality better. Use time is strength (at least 10 hours or more), even if the use phone, they also work .

1.3 Decorative Home Environment
Today's Bluetooth speakers are very stylish. The author noticed that many friends buy bluetooth speaker are not just for listening to music, but also as an ornament to decorate the home environment. You can put it on the bedside, coffee table, etc., and you can use it at any time when you need it. In addition, you can also give it to your friends and family as a small gift, which is also very enjoyable.

Not only can you listen to music It is also a good home decoration.

HIGH advantage of Bluetooth speakers

1.4 Outdoor Sports
For friends who like to play outdoors, if they can have music together, it will naturally make the exercise easier and more rhythmic. And a professional outdoor portable speaker can meet the user's riding, hiking, camping and other needs. This type of speaker is fully sealed and has features such as dust/waterproof/anti-fall, which allows it to be used even in harsh outdoor environments and to share music with friends during breaks.
Bluetooth speakers for outdoor sports Add fun to sports.
professional outdoor portable speaker

2 shopping tips

2.1 Sound quality
For a speaker, the sound quality is very important, although Bluetooth transmission will have a certain loss of sound quality when playing music, but for the average user does not have much impact on the sense of hearing; but I still recommend It's best for everyone to audition, or find a speaker on the Internet to listen to evaluations and videos.
currently some cheaper Bluetooth speakers in the market that can’t be heard at all, but the appearance is very stylish and features are very rich; coupled with the rhetoric of unscrupulous merchants, causing some new users to be deceived, and only to find it after buying back The mess. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not care too much about the configuration of the business promotion. Your own ears can tell you the most real answer.
During the purchase process, the two-channel Bluetooth speaker is superior to the mono speaker in both the audio structure and the physical cavity. Good sound quality has a higher requirement for the horn. Due to the relationship between the structure of the sound cavity, small single-barrel speakers generally cannot achieve good sound quality.
Any speaker, you need to personally audition its sound. If a speaker can achieve a strong sense of balance in all frequency bands, not dry or scattered; high frequency is clear and transparent, the IF vocals express real moist, and the low frequency is strong and powerful under potential. So any music she can explain ninety-nine.
We can also use some data as a reference. If the maximum decibel is less than 80, then such sound effects are not suitable for carrying out. The larger the SNR value, the stronger the anti-interference ability and the better the fidelity effect. It is recommended that speakers with a signal-to-noise ratio of at least 70dB be selected.

2.2 Pay attention to the Bluetooth version

currently, in the market, the common Bluetooth version 2.0,2.1,3.0,4.0, high version backward compatible. The 2.0, 2.1 version of Bluetooth has a transmission rate of up to 2Mbps, and the 3.0 version of the transmission rate has greatly increased to more than 24Mbps, and the transmission distance is up to 60 meters. The higher the Bluetooth version, the faster the receiving rate and the longer the transmission distance, the smaller the power consumption of the speaker, so the sound quality of the speaker will be better.
Bluetooth 5.0 technical
Bluetooth 5.0 technical standard has been announced in 2016
Therefore, it is recommended that you buy a high version of the Bluetooth speaker. If the version is too low, music may be intermittent.
Most Bluetooth speakers currently on the market are equipped with 4.0 standards. This standard is relatively new in China. Speakers equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 standard can be fully compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device currently available. Wide range of stability, low latency, low power consumption; however, there are still some speakers still using Bluetooth 2.1 and older versions of 3.0, the price is often very cheap, but if you buy this kind of product on the cheap, in the follow-up use you You may experience problems such as unstable Bluetooth transmission, small coverage, short battery life, and long delays. So remind everyone that you must choose to carry Bluetooth 4.0 standard speaker.

2.3 Function: NFC Function is Practical
The speaker is not the best for the placement of the function, the better, but more importantly lost the original intention. The addition of some features may even become a tasteless problem. For example, some speakers in the market shake the function of changing a song. When they accidentally, they are cut out. Not only does the disappointment also affect the mood. Some features added to the more humane, such as the introduction of hands-free features not only can prevent radiation, but also easy to answer the phone.
Recommend that you choose when you can choose Bluetooth speaker with NFC function.
NFC smart connection
NFC smart connection
Some friends may not understand NFC well. Its full name is called Near Field Communication. In short, it allows non-contact point-to-point data transmission (within 10cm) between electronic devices. The "Apple Pay" supported by the new iPhone 6 and iOS 8 systems is a fast payment function based on NFC technology.
On the speakers, NFC is a fast connection mode for Bluetooth. Everyone should know that Bluetooth is very cumbersome when paired with a mobile phone. If you use NFC for pairing, you don't need to search, select, enter a password, etc. The NFC area on the speaker can be paired with a light touch, making it very convenient. Therefore, everyone pays more attention to whether or not they have NFC function when purchasing a Bluetooth speaker (Note: The premise is that your mobile phone also supports NFC function, and the iPhone before iPhone 6 does not support NFC).
In addition, people who like outdoor travel can also consider outdoor Bluetooth speakers with three defense functions. It is recommended that you refer to your needs when you purchase.
2.4 battery Life
battery Life is not important? No electricity will continue to charge? If you think like this, then it is estimated that it is a person who does not often go out, and there is no need to bring the speaker out. If this is true, the endurance is not really important.
But if it is an outdoor person, the Bluetooth speaker's endurance is very important. For example, when we go camping or traveling, the outdoor Bluetooth speaker will come in handy. Everyone can share music together; but if you just put two hours of music speakers, Was electricity not very disappointing? Therefore, you should pay special attention when choosing your Bluetooth speaker.
Any electronic product is the same, the longer the battery life, the better. Under normal use, the Bluetooth speaker's battery life is at least 8 hours. Here need to pay attention to the battery capacity, battery capacity = use time × device power ÷ battery voltage, so the greater the capacity, the longer the battery life. With two-channel speakers, their power is concentrated between 4~8W. If you want to achieve the ideal playing time, battery capacity should be better than 1500mAh.
HIGH portable Bluetooth speakers
2.5 Portability
This is for portable Bluetooth speakers and outdoor speakers. It's not that the smaller the size, the easier it is to carry. The choice of a portable speaker also depends on how well the speaker is positioned and needs to be portable in any situation. In this regard, the rounded shape is stronger than that of Founder.

2.6 Connection method
At present, Bluetooth speakers have the following types of connections: Bluetooth, 3.5mm audio interface, TF card read or U disk, NFC.
Which Bluetooth, 3.5mm audio interface, TF card read or U disk these are the most common. In addition to Bluetooth, the 3.5mm audio interface is the most practical interface. When we connect laptops, we often use audio cables to connect with Bluetooth speakers, so we can experience better sound quality.
TF card and U disk to read more tasteless, and now very few people use.
Although NFC is a very popular connection method nowadays, NFC can only be used within a range of 5cm, and the 2CM connection effect is the best. Therefore, the NFC function is generally used in public transportation cards, mobile payment, and other applications in Bluetooth speakers. In the above, the NFC function is only used as an auxiliary function. You can use an NFC-enabled mobile phone to connect directly to the Bluetooth speaker. This function increases the convenience of the connection, but it is not a necessary function. This is where everyone buys a Bluetooth speaker. Pay special attention when you are not going to be fooled.

2.7 Material Material
A good Bluetooth speaker must be exquisite materials and exquisite craftsmanship. There are a lot of shoddy bluetooth speakers on the market today, not only quality inspection, but also harm to people. For example, many paints contain excessive amounts of lead, and these materials will affect people's health unconsciously. Therefore, you should look at the quality inspection certificate when purchasing. For the product process, it is necessary to observe the details of the speaker, such as the regularity of the edge of the button, the fineness of the mold line, the goodness of the material, and so on. The exquisite product technology can be seen through careful observation.

2.8 Appearance
Shape is the first factor that leads to consumer impulse buying, so the importance of shape is self-evident. Since Bluetooth speakers are branded with fashion technology products, manufacturers will choose a stylish look when designing Bluetooth speakers. When we look at Bluetooth speakers on the Internet, they will be attracted by their strange shapes. In general, the appearance of brand-name products. The designs are all tempered, and they all look very pleasing to the eye. Some bluetooth speakers produced by the small factories are eye-catching, but they are not elaborate enough in details.
Although it is difficult to adjust, it is recommended that you buy a mellow Bluetooth speaker, not only feel better, but also safer and better to carry. Of course, some people like personality, some people like mild, can be purchased according to their own preferences, the above recommendations are purely for reference.
Fashion appearance Bluetooth speaker

2.9 Unusual Features
The Bluetooth speaker sounds like a simple product, but depending on the features used, there are also many product flaws, such as specifically for riding, for outdoor camping, for mountaineering, to improve the sound quality of mobile phones or tablet computers... ... In short, depending on the usage scenario, there are different options.
When we choose, we also need to make a choice based on the basis. For unpractical functions, there is no need to consider it. If you are a geisha, choose an outdoor dedicated Bluetooth speaker, it seems unnecessary, although dustproof, waterproof, drop-proof look very good, but it also means that the high price yo. In short, you must remember to choose the corresponding Bluetooth speaker according to your own needs.

Unusual features: TF card and SD card playback and FM radio function.
Few users have now copied songs to TF cards, SD cards, and USB flash drives. They use music on their mobile phones or computers. FM radio is also rarely used by users, and once the signal is weak, the sound becomes noisy. Plus, the sound quality transmitted by the radio is already relatively poor. The FM radio on the Bluetooth speaker is definitely a special feeling functions for the user.


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