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Now, the most inseparable of us is the mobile phone. If we left the mobile phone out on the day, we will feel uncomfortable all day. It’s so important to us in daily life . There is no doubt that  they deserve better glass for screen. This is the most vulnerable and most protected place for mobile phones.

There are many types of mobile phone screens, of which the most popular one is the tempered glass film. The hardness is extremely high, and it is also protect your eyes from damage . What I want to say today is latest "new 6D" defense.

As the photo shows that is very nice for mobile phone .

From Material: Most of the ordinary films are made of PET plastic material. The toughened glass film is made of tempered glass. The tempered glass is immersed in the molten salt of nitrate (KNO3) and replaced by ions, which greatly increases the surface density of the glass. It also increases its strength, internal structure, elasticity, flatness, toughness and impact strength. There will be no distortion during operation, which is very suitable for the protection of mobile phone screens.

From flexible: Smart tempered glass film has a certain degree of toughness, can be highly bent to 90 degrees without breaking but tempered glass film is a thin layer of special glass, only 0.2mm thick, is fragile, before it is not installed on the screen Do not bend the tempered glass protective film hard.

Sensitive: Because it is a full glass design, so this 6D film is the best design for tempered glass , the whole body of glass is completely different from the material of the soft edge tempered film that is different from the sense of disapproval, perfect match with your phone .There is no different from screen when you putting the glass on it .

There are many kinds of tempered film, the most common is 2.5 D or 3D technology. This new 6D tempered film from HIGH is polished with the latest 6D technology. The curvature of the corners is more rounded and the touch is naturally better. The price also is very good for customers and it is worth starting.


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