Does the phone need to stick a tempered film? How big is the role of tempered film?

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The mobile phone is an indispensable tool in everyone's life. Many people put a tempered film on the phone when buying a mobile phone. The purpose of this is to protect the screen of the mobile phone. Does the current mobile phone need to be covered with a tempered film? Let's take a look with the editor below.


It is estimated that many friends choose to stick the tempered film because the tempered film can resist scratches and drops. In fact, from the perspective of anti-dropping, whether the screen will break or not depends on luck. Many small partners’ mobile phone screens were broken by the tempered film, and some screens were also broken. There is no broken, so I personally think that the phone screen will be broken, mainly depends on your luck. But is the tempered film useless? But in fact, it's not. The toughened film can reduce the chance of the mobile phone screen being broken, and one more thing is that it is really scratch-resistant, which is beyond doubt.


However, now the mobile phone screen has been improved. Most mobile phone screens are very hard. However, many small particles are more likely to cause scratches on the phone screen. This scratch will not be obvious, but it is not difficult to find from all angles under the light. If you are in an environment with a lot of dust and particles, it is still recommended to stick a tempered film.

If you drop the phone from a few meters high, you will see the phone's tempered film, almost broken into a honeycomb shape, but the ground does not directly touch the front of the phone. In other words, the protective effect of the tempered film is actually on the phone. It can only be played when the screen is facing the ground, not in all situations. The phone film is used together with the phone case to effectively protect the phone screen.

The WEADDU brand tempered film is of good quality, sold directly by the factory, and has a hardness of 9H, which can better protect your mobile phone. It is a good choice.


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