Does the phone need a screen protector?

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It usually costs about 3,000 to buy a good mobile phone now, and most people will take extra care of it after buying a mobile phone. Tempered film and mobile phone case are all necessary protection methods, but these two protection methods greatly reduce the experience of the mobile phone, and the hand feel is very poor. Moreover, the current manufacturers all promote how high the hardness of the mobile phone screen is and is not afraid of falling, which makes many people entangled whether or not to stick the tempered film. This requires us to thoroughly understand the advantages and disadvantages of tempered film.


Advantages: The first is to ensure that the phone screen is not broken or scratched. Although the current mobile phone screen is relatively high in hardness, there is still a risk of breaking, and the repair price is also more expensive. The toughened film basically guarantees the integrity of the screen after the phone is accidentally dropped.

It is common for the screen to be scratched accidentally, but there is no way to repair it, which affects the experience of the phone. Although the tempered film is sometimes fragile, the cost of replacing a tempered film is much lower than the cost of replacing a mobile phone. Sticking to the tempered film for a long time can also ensure the newness of the phone, and the price will be slightly higher when it is sold second-hand.


Disadvantages: The current mobile phones adopt a full-screen design, so white edges and gaps usually appear after the tempered film is pasted, which is ugly to look at. The serious condition of the white edge of the tempered film with poor quality may affect the use effect of the mobile phone. The traditional tempered film is also prone to problems such as warping.

Aiming at this shortcoming of tempered film, WEADDU has improved the tempered film. Use 0.4mm thick tempered film, no scratches to touch, the edge has been strengthened by high temperature twice, and the edge is not easy to be broken. The surface has been treated with plasma oiling, which will not leave fingerprints during use. The bonding process is also very process, no need Auxiliary tool, it will automatically be adsorbed on the screen, and there is no bubble generation. The curvature of the edge is also very obvious, and the hand feels smooth.


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