Do you know the little knowledge of these tempered films?

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When it comes to tempered film, everyone must be familiar with it. As an effective screen protector accessory, it's all too common to put a tempered film on your phone. Today, I will share my experience in choosing tempered film and film.

As a heavy mobile phone player, I basically change the tempered film every other month. Basically, according to the functions and characteristics, it is divided into high-definition, frosted, anti-peep, anti-blue light, etc. Of course, there are many other bells and whistles on the market, such as hydrogel film, quantum film, etc. I personally think that tempered film is the most practical.


First of all, what is the purpose of the sticker? To protect the screen of the mobile phone, the first thing to consider when sticking the film is the tempered film, which is also not directly displayed by many merchants. It is mainly to compare the bending degree of the tempered film, that is, to see the flexibility and 9H hardness.

Second, another indicator is the transmittance. The light transmittance of different types of tempered films is different. Judging from my years of use experience, no matter how many fancy tempered films, you will end up using high-definition films with a high probability. After all, if the transmittance is low, it will affect the user experience and increase the power consumption at the same time. The film is for the convenience of use, not to reduce the experience of use, it should be noted.

Of course, you also need to pay attention when choosing a tempered film. Pay attention to what aspects? First, the hand feel, the hand feel here mainly refers to the oleophobic layer, and the film surface should be dripped into beads, and such a film will basically not become a "fingerprint collector". The other is coverage and accuracy. Some people like to cover the edges, while others like to have no borders. This varies from person to person, and dust on the edges is avoided, but you must pay attention to the accuracy of the holes.


Finally, some details can also improve the purchase experience of tempered film. My favorite is the tempered film of WEADDU brand. After all, good quality, factory direct sales. Cost-effective, is a trustworthy brand.


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