Do not use some phone accessories make your phone broken faster

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Ask you, what should be doing when you just bought a new phone ? If nothing else, the answer should be: to the phone foil, buy phone case, buy all kinds of accessories to protect their brand new mobile phone. If it is purchased offline, do not even have to prepare yourself, all small accessories have been ready for you.

But before you use the HD film, put the phone case, plug in the dust plug, headphone cable wrapped , you need to take a look at this - some accessories really can not buy blind, some things may be used will let the phone broken faster.

1. Low-quality mobile phone screen protector.

Nowadays , many screen protector have good hardness in market. in fact, it is difficult to damage it daily. But if you choose to use a low quality screen protector, the potential downside is not only scratches.

HIGH Anti Scratch film


Ordinary HD film can not even withstand metal scratches
We know that most of the nominal HD film, high clear screen protector just a simple layer of plastic film. Transparency and hardness are not guaranteed. Therefore, not long after the stickers on the phone may be due to scratches and aging discoloration affect perception, impact on the user experience.

phone HD film

Transmittance is also one of the factors that need extra consideration
On the other hand, we all know that the drops of water on the screen of mobile phones are not scattered because of the oil-repellent layer, and the poor-quality film may stick out the original oil layer of the mobile phone when tearing it off, not to mention the vast majority The mobile phone film has without oil.
However, one thing to be admitted is the high probability of scratches on the screen of a cell phone in everyday use . Therefore, if the purchase of mobile phone foil, I recommend as long as the following points to ensure that: 1. Oil layer  ensure that hand feel; 2. Transmittance is good; 3. The material is hard, then leave no scratches easily.

2. Metal / plastic phone case

Basically the phone case and the foil are close to an important level of the important parts, especially the new phone just hand that period of time, how be willing to directly "streaking" yet.  But have to say, in fact, the meaning of the phone case is not very large.
There is an old saying goes,phone manufacturers use a long time hard to  produce the phone to 1mm, when you cover phone case, the thickness is not thin. Clean water sets, silicone sets of relatively good, thick phone case for some mobile phone damage.

China Metal phone case manufacturer

Similar to this metal frame affect the feel and signal.
And the problem with the phone case is not limited to this. Unlike mobile phones, there is plenty of room for cooling. The most of mobile phones are only passive cooling or graphite stickers and other methods of passive cooling. Therefore, the phone back cover is an important way to help heat dissipation, the use of thicker phone case will directly affect the cooling efficiency of the phone.

Relatively simple silicone sleeve instead is more recommended
Not only that, but if you choose a metal case, there is another problem - the signal is damaged. Because the metal phone case will bring electrostatic shielding, especially there is no antenna design with a phone case.

If you still worried about the phone "streaking" scratches scratch easily, then I recommend selecting some soft and light mobile phone case- such as water and silicone case, although the still have cooling problem and not easy solve.  but at least protection and signal problems Can get a certain degree of solution.

3. Dust plug

If the screen protector and phone case have their own sense for the existence, then the headset dust plug nothing but harm no more than harm gain nothing. Generally believed that small particles of dust through the headphone jack, charging port into the phone, easily lead to short-circuit the phone's internal components lead to the phone can not boot the normal use. So we need a dust plug auxiliary protection.

phone metal Dust plug

Simple dust plug
However, cell phone manufacturers are not fools, are in the dust protection, there is no need to worry about this issue in life, the phone comes with dust proof function enough to protect the daily dust.

custom mobile phone accessories


Decoration meaning greater than the actual function of the dust plug
And all kinds of dust plug may bring adverse effects: First, the dust plug will wear headphone jack, resulting in erasable traces. Ruan jian dust plug if it is out of specifications will your headset interface support bad; metal dust plug may also damage the circuit at the headphone jack, and even cause short-circuit the phone.
So different from the protective shell and cell phone foil, I will give some advice. For the phone dust plug, in addition to decoration, it is really not necessary to use.

4. Private modification

This one can not be called a mobile phone accessories, but the potential damage caused by the phone is the largest. Phone modified to do the most on the iPhone-related models, the beginning I thought that only change battery, memory expansion of this. Later I found that I underestimated the creativity of the majority of worker - iPhone7 modified to iPhone8, rear Apple Logo to change the light pattern, horn area installed colorful marquees and so on.

This personal custom modification although cool, but in fact, the hidden dangers are not small. Own modification, will inevitably damage the iPhone waterproof and dust proof capabilities; not to mention the operation of the hardware after the knife brought instability; such as adding light flash plus the operation is the same reason, it is not safe.

Therefore, my opinion for the private modification of mobile phones and the previous one is the same: completely not recommended to transform. First of all, unauthorized disassemble, unauthorized repair will lose Apple's official warranty; unknown sources of hardware and no effective test, the quality is difficult to guarantee; even when the recovery will affect the mobile phone modification price.

Of course, I am not a total denial of mobile phone accessories, their emergence and best-selling naturally has its own meaning.  You need to pay attention to select the appropriate parts of their own accessories, If let the bad accessories damaged your new cell phone, will also damage the mood.


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