Cell phone really need Screen Protector?

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Cell phone really need Screen Protector?

The main purpose of the screen protector is anti-scratch, the most intuitive assessment of whether the scratch marks the indicator is Mohs hardness, in theory, only the Mohs hardness of the screen than the high cell phone screen can cause scratches. Mohs hardness of common objects are as follows:
Now the phone screen uses a special tempered glass, the more famous Corning gorilla glass, AGC glass and other traces of glass, glass after the toughening, hardness, scratch-resistant ability to have significantly improved, Mohs Hardness is also greater than 6.5, so the hardness is much lower than 6.5 nails, knives, keys can not scratch the screen.
What can scratch the screen? The answer is sand, the hardness of the sand is 7, slightly higher than the glass, but it is very common. When you accidentally get in one or two bags of sand in your pocket, it may leave one or two scratches on your cellphone. But after all, this is an unexpected situation, under normal circumstances, the phone screen is not easy to scratch.
Therefore, the film is like buying a cell phone screen insurance, the precautionary is the possibility of that one thousandth, so that you no longer have cell phone streaking, "Do not hurt," the kind of tension. As for insurance do not have to use, this depends on personal habits!HD? Tempered?

 In fact, only one kind of film worth affixed.
The film on the market more than the number of leaflets, the price is also ranging from a few hair to hundreds of pieces. But from the material points, there are only two kinds of mobile phone film: plastic film and glass film. Plastic film, including high-definition film, matte film, diamond film, mirror film, and so forth. Glass film is the steel film we often say. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these cell phone films?

Let's talk about plastic film:

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HD film: HD film is more common in Taobao and curb phone film, a general price of not more than 1 dollar. Advantages of the screen display has little effect, is still very clear. The disadvantage is that after affixed, the phone becomes a fingerprint collector, with less than a few, the screen becomes the world map.
Matte film: In order to deal with fingerprints, many people will choose matte film, but this film is also an advantage. Affixed matte film, the resolution of the screen plunged sharply, the delicate level of the screen instantly returned to liberation, it is simply an insult to the screen! This experience is far less than full HD fingerprint film!
Plastic film has a common problem is the plastic film is very easy to be scratched plastic film generally between the hardness of 2-3, many common objects can cause scratches on it, such as: zipper, keys, nails, and even the use of cloth Gently rub can scratch scratches.
If you have been affixed to the plastic film, it means you have to face a scarred screen, two years later, uncover the protective film, the screen as bright as the new cell phone was eliminated, the map what?


Really worthy of the mobile phone membrane is only tempered film, of course, where the tempered film refers to the glass film, not plexiglass or transparent acrylic resin. The advantages of steel film at least the following three:

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1, hardness & gt; 6, the tempered film uses the same material as the screen - glass, so under normal circumstances is not easy to be scratched.
2, feel good, good quality steel film feel no less than the original screen, the screen display also has a minimal impact.
3, anti-fall, if you posted the tempered film, when the phone accidentally dropped when the outer layer of the tempered film will absorb all the impact of its critical range to prevent the screen from smashing. For example, assuming the screen can withstand the maximum impact of 100, the tempered film is 80, then:
That is to say that the tempered film can increase the drop resistance of the screen from 100 to 180, effectively preventing the screen from breaking.
So, buy insurance to buy the foundation hard!
How to pick a good cell phone film?
/ Eliminate false propaganda /
Now on the market a wide range of promotional slogan steel, anti-Blu-ray, anti-fingerprint, 3D arc glass, 9H hardness, etc., see dazzling, many of whom are some of the concepts and false propaganda, then we have to screen one by one.
Cutting process: There are three general cutting process: straight edge, 2.5D arc edge, 3D arc edge. Straight edges of the edge of the tempered film is right angle, without grinding, a little hand; 2.5D arc edge tempered glass chamfering machine, feel more smooth; 3D arc edge tempered film bending machine to be bent, feel And basically no difference between the screen. However, the more complicated the process, the corresponding cost is higher, the price is more expensive.


2.5D arc edge tempered glass 


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Thickness: Now the thickness of the mainstream of tempered film between 0.15mm-0.3mm, the thinner the feel and the better the transmittance, the toughness is better, some good quality steel film maximum curvature can be close to 180 degrees. But at present all the merchants on the market target thickness refers to the thickness of glass raw materials, the actual thickness of the publicity based on the plus 0.085mm-0.15mm.

Anti-fingerprint: Anti-fingerprint business advocacy are basically refers to the surface of the steel film increased by a layer of oleophobic. Butthis simply means reducing fingerprints and making wiping easier and does not completely eliminate fingerprint.But the same oleophobic will be divided into three processes.

1, hand-painted anti-fingerprint oil: anti-fingerprint oil is to brush the brush directly on the surface of the tempered film, the disadvantage is that anti-fingerprint effect is uneven, it is easy to rub off.
2, plasma spray anti-fingerprint oil: better than the hand-painted, anti-fingerprint layer can last about 20 days.
3, Anti-fingerprint plating oil: The best anti-fingerprint technology, but the anti-fingerprint effect can only last 2-3 months, it was rubbed off by hand.

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