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Following intelligent development of this shareholder's style, smart speakers are also standing in the air in addition to smart phones, smart TVs and other products that are active in our lives. Maybe a lot of people still stay on the concept of a speaker on an external device. Actually, under the tide of Internet+, it has surpassed the traditional Bluetooth speaker, smarter, richer, and more humane.
The author noticed that recently, Amazon, Google and other technology giants have been active on smart speakers, and some well-known audio manufacturers in China have also “swords”. However, some people may wonder: What is the difference between a smart speaker and a traditional Bluetooth speaker? Below, I will give you a brief analysis of the difference between the two. Who will make you more eager?

Bluetooth speaker and smart speaker concept is different

Bluetooth speaker built-in Bluetooth chip, Bluetooth connection to replace the traditional wire connected audio equipment, and through mobile tablet PCs and notebooks and other Bluetooth player connection, to achieve the purpose of convenience.
Smart speakers are still called wifi speakers when they first entered the domestic market in the first two years. At first, its networking methods are more complicated. Now many products have been simplified to one minute to complete the connection. It does not have to rely on mobile phones, tablets, computers and other products completely independent, and is not just a speaker so simple. When we found that it was possible to directly play QQ music, watch videos, listen to recordings, etc. directly on the speakers, this feeling was wonderful, and it also made us see that it was essentially different from the Bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth speakers and smart speakers are used differently

Bluetooth is a kind of personal wireless connection that we are very familiar with. It requires a mobile phone + speaker in order to achieve audio playback, once out of the phone and other Bluetooth speakers can not be used independently. For example, after the bluetooth speaker is connected to the mobile phone, it will take over the audio playback of the mobile phone, and all the sound of the mobile phone will be sent out by the bluetooth speaker.
In contrast, smart speakers can be completely separated from the smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc., and automatically play various audio and video without attaching to any external devices. This is also the biggest difference between the use of Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth speakers. In addition, the complicated setup in the early stage is still a criticism of some smart speakers. Nowadays, the operation is simple and user-friendly. The elderly and children are easy to use. The author believes that smart speakers free people's audio and video from mobile phones and tablets, and when they return home, they can put down their mobile phones, enjoy music and life better, and truly realize the pursuit of intelligence.

Bluetooth speaker and smart speaker transmission speed and sound quality are different
Whether it is Bluetooth or smart speakers, in fact, we really care about the final quality problem, the current mainstream Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0 theoretical transmission speed is 24Mbps, although it seems to meet the high-quality lossless transmission, but the actual speed is not reach The theoretical value and the audio are compressed, plus the high SNR and low distortion of the built-in DAC, which is unbearable for many audiophiles.
At this point, the smart speaker transmission speed is much faster. At present, intelligent speakers in the market are generally guaranteed to be at a rate of 150 Mbps or more, and the difference between the actual transmission speed and the theoretical value is not large enough to completely satisfy the high code rate and even the lossless transmission of DSD audio. It is also based on this, it is easier to get far better than the Bluetooth speaker sound quality. For example, if Bluetooth is equivalent to the mobile phone + original headphones to listen to songs, then smart speakers are equivalent to independent lossless player + HiFi headphones to listen to songs. This is also the main reason why it is so favored by the market now.

In the future, with the intense competition in the Bluetooth speaker market, bottlenecks will gradually emerge. Under this predicament, the tide of intelligentization has risen and the smart speaker will become a new growth point. It will also subvert people's traditional audio-visual habits and create a new entertainment experience.


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