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Power banks are devices that are used to charge mobile phones, tablets, laptops, mp3 players and mp4 players anytime and anywhere. With the use we subject are devices to, it is important to have a power bank to be able to keep these devices up and running all the time. Power banks can give you uninterrupted access to play games on your laptops, instant message on the internet, use social networking platforms and book airline, train and bus tickets at the drop of a hat. There are certain specifications that you ought to keep in mind before laying your hands on the ideal power bank for your need. Grab a power bank that is double in battery capacity to be able to charge your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, mp3 player and mp4 player at least once. In the market ,there are so many power banks for you,but which one is the best and more convenient for you?It’s difficult to choice ,right? So many options ,you must want to know which one is best one for you. Today, I Will recommend the best one for you .

HIGH power bank 

This model is more convenient .Look at design, it’s with cable inside,that means you don’t need take any cable when you get out. It bring Iphone adapter ,no matter your phone is Iphone or Android ,it both can use .


For this model ,it have 4000 mah and 5000 mah for choice , if your phone battery is 2000 mah ,then you can charger 2 time ; It’s real capacity ,will not have any fake .


Power bank always uses two types of batteries. One is lithium ion and other is lithium polymer. Lithium ion batteries are uses 18650 cells. The number means 18 mm is diameter of cell and 65 mm is its length without protection. Power banks which uses Lithium ion cells are bulky and heavy. Whereas lithium polymer cells are compact and light weight. HIGH Li-Po power banks are compact and light weight.


Higher the capacity, higher is the cost. But there are few power banks in market which are really worth of each penny you spent. I will list you some of them. Few of them might not available in market right now, but may be available soon.


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